" What's great is that I know I'm growing my career here "

A unique New Zealand IT infrastructure company


Revera is a high integrity IT infrastructure company.  Integrity is one of our core values and it is one of the values that makes Revera such a great company to be a part of. 



The Revera Rock culture

Company culture is a significant part of our success and it is something that appeals to our clients and staff. The core of Revera’s culture is truth. The word Revera comes from a Latin term for 'in truth'.

A physical representation of our company culture are the Revera rocks. All staff members (Rockers) are presented with their own rock, as are our clients and business partners.

The significance of rocks comes from a story about a surf lifesaving club:

The Rock was a place where the surf lifesavers would sit out in the bay behind the surf break as this was an easy way to watch the swimmers. But there was a code of truth associated with the Rock - this meant that only the truth could be spoken when you were on the Rock. So, outrageous claims about drinking and girlfriends were tested for truth on the Rock. No one ever told a lie on the Rock. All of the surf lifesavers respected the Rock and what it stood for - Revera rocks serve the same purpose. They represent truth and honesty; not just the absence of lies, but truth from the soul. It is these values that are at the foundation of how Revera operates.

Rockers - our people

We are very selective about the people that we hire because of the importance we place on maintaining and growing our company culture. We aim to recruit people that epitomise our values - Focus, Learning, Integrity, Energy, Respect and Success.


From day one we have broken the mould, combining unique infrastructure services with like-minded team members. Instead of egos, agendas, and broken promises, Revera lives by truth, transparency and integrity. Our company values are called the FLIERS  and stands for: Focus, Learning, Integrity, Energy, Respect, Success.

Total service

100% locally owned,managed and led, Revera’s ability to support really is 24x7, 365. When there's an issue, we ensure our clients have local relationships and avenues for support, be technical or business related needs.

Revera in the Homeland

We are based nationwide with 5 locations and 5 interconnected high integrity Type-R data centres in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

Company Snapshot
145 Employees
6 Branches